This is Genesis, the very first in the lineup of our launch vehicles. Genesis is a small-lift launch vehicle that is capable of lifting 950 kilograms which is just perfect to launch small satellite/s to the Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It is efficient, competent, reliable, and most importantly, reusable. All these make Genesis predominant among the small-lift launch vehicles and an exceptional fit for this modern world.

Payload Capacity :

950 Kgs to Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

800 Kgs to Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO))

Height :

28.5 m (93.5 ft)

Stages :


First stage:

7 x Comet Engine, Liquid Oxygen(LOX) | Kerosene (RP-1)

Second stage:

1 x Vacuum Optimised Comet Engine, Liquid Oxygen(LOX) | Kerosene (RP-1)

Third stage:

Pluto, an upper/kick stage designed to deliver satellites at multiple altitudes and inclination.

Starlax Aerospace